5 Surefire Ways To Handle Fragile Items During A Move


5 Surefire Ways To Handle Fragile Items During A Move

One of the most common causes of stress during any move is handling fragile items. Somehow, well all have fragile objects in our homes and office. Things such as mirrors, dishes, knives, and another kitchenwear take on even the most patient people in the world when it comes to packing them.

However, there are some surprisingly clever ways to pack these fragile items effectively. Of course, the best way you can deal with this situation is to contact a professional team of movers like Bill Removalists Sydney since they know how to be strategic about it.

But whether or not you decide on hiring an expert help or you are curious about how you can protect yourself and your home from unwanted accidents, here are five surefire ways to pack fragile objects.

  1. Use Cardboard And Tape For Mirrors

Mirrors are basic pieces in any home, office, or business. It adds a touch of glamour without being too flashy. It is also a necessity in every bathroom. However, when the time comes, and you have to move, mirrors can be tricky to work with especially the larger ones. But here’s the trick, use cardboard and masking tape. First, you need to cut two larger pieces of cardboard to secure the front and back part of the mirror. Then, proceed to place several X shapes on the exposed mirror to prevent any shattering. Don’t forget to protect the sides and edges of the frame as well. Secure everything with an old sheet or bubble wrap and label it properly.

  1. Use Your Kitchen Towels For Knives

Even if you have knives that come in a holder, this is not the best way to pack them. Instead, wrap each or a bunch of your knives with kitchen towels and secure it well with tape. Keep knives or other sharp items such as razor blades in a separate box with proper labeling.

  1. Recreate How Your Television Was Wrapped When You Got It

Following how your television was prepared when you first got it is a clever way to pack it for a move. It’s even better if you kept the old box and Styrofoam blocks that came with it. However, it is most likely that you tossed that all out to free up some space in your storage. Luckily, you can still recreate it by using two blocks of Styrofoam, an old blanket, and some bubble wrap. Sandwich the television and keep all the cords taped around the screen so you won’t have to worry about separating them,

  1. Pack Dishes Like You Would Records

Most people stick with wrapping each dish in a paper and bubble wrap and stack it up in a box. Although this is an all right method, there is a better way. Instead of letting the dishes normally lie, stack it vertically like how records are packed. Still, wrap them individually in newspaper and bubble wrap for an extra measure of protection. You can ask professional removalists Campbelltown like Bill Removalists Sydney about this particular method.

  1. Use Newspaper For Glass Items

Objects made of glass such as lamps can be wrapped with newspaper and finished with bubble wrap. Make sure to remove light bulbs first, if any, before you wrap lamps.

Final Thoughts

Packing gets tough, especially if you’re dealing with a lot of fragile items. Make sure to follow these steps or consult a professional to have a better time with packing and moving.