5 Things to Consider When Building or Renovating Staircases


Straight, angled, curved or in a spiral, stairways are a sizable architecture element of your house and perhaps the first thing guest will see as they enter your home.  Here are five points you should evaluate about your next set of stairs.

  • Esthetic

Stairs can be art or at least a conversation piece. One of the most famous staircase in the world is the double helix at the Vatican museum in Rome. A gigantic spiral case might not fit your needs but you have plenty of other options. Floating steps are quite popular in modern designer houses.

  • Storage

Harry Potter lived under the stairs at 4 Privet Drive for a while but that might be a bad example. A custom-made staircase can provide you with extra storage and maybe hidden compartments. Risers can be used as bookshelves or incorporate drawers.

  • Safety

Falling down from stairs is an experience you will want to avoid. Safety first! The installation of a railings and footlights and anti-slip rubber lines is essential for your physical integrity. Glass balustrades are easy on the eye.

  • Accessibility

Accomodating for people with reduced mobility is a factor to consider in public buildings and in your own house.

  • Fun!

Climbing stairs burns more calories than jogging and stimulates the production of endorphins in your body, providing you with a sensation of well-being. Stairs are fun. Why not ask for a slide for the way down!?

Balancing all these factors of functionality, style and budget is where professionals who create bespoke staircases in Bodmin will shine.