A Guide to Building an Extension

Building an Extension

If you are in need of more living space and are thinking of extending, you should consider the DIY approach. There are many YouTube videos to help you with basic construction skills, and the amount of money you would save is significant, and with that in mind, here are some tips on how to build the ideal extension.

  • Define the Scope of the Project – It might be a two-storey extension added to one side of the property, or a single room that connects you to the back garden, and once you have decided on what to build, you can then calculate a budget.
  • Cost the Project – This is essential prior to doing anything, and with affordable scaffolding erectors in Bromley, you can prepare for the construction. You will need to hire at least one commercial size skip, as there will be a considerable amount of waste. All the materials, plus the cost of the architect need to be included, plus hire of essential tools and equipment.
  • Planning Permission – If you hire a semi-retired architect, this would be a small project for him, and he would likely help you deal with the local authority regarding planning permission.

The actual construction should ideally be carried out in the summer months, for obvious reasons, and if you can only work weekends, you should finish before the summer ends. Research anything you are unsure about, and such is the level of free online resources, a novice could easily build a house, and make sure you have all the tools you need and a lot of free time.