Barn Door Hardware Maintenance Tips


Just like any other fixture at home, your barn door hardware requires quality maintenance to function efficiently. This applies to all kinds of barn doors ranging from vintage, sliding, and contemporary barn doors. The hardware might be hard to reach, but it still gets dirty and is susceptible to corrosion. Here are some tips on maintaining the barn door hardware.

Buy quality parts

The lifespan of your barn door largely depends on the quality of the hardware used. It is not only about the door but also all the other parts that include the stay rollers, frame, flush pull, hinges, and the rail among other moving parts. Quality parts are not susceptible to warping or corrosion which ensures that your barn door remains in good condition for long.

Use olive oil to remove the streaks

Olive oil removes streaks on your hardware parts without causing corrosion. You can use plenty of olive oil to ensure all streaks are removed during the cleaning, avoid using water for your cleaning. Olive oil also removes any squeaky sounds that the door makes when opening and closing.

Vinegar works well for cleaning

You should clean the surface of your barn door using a cloth moistened with white or apple cider vinegar in undiluted form. The liquid is effective in removing stains on the surface and is not too harsh to damage stainless steel.

You should avoid using bleaches and mineral acids to clean the barn hardware such as the flat track.  These solutions are too harsh such that they damage the stainless steel surface. Any cleaner that can be used on the glass is also safe to use on stainless steel.

After every few months, ensure that you have cleaned the entire surface of the barn door using oil soap and a soft rag. Wipe the surface of the door alongside the direction of the grains. It wipes off the dirt and makes your door look as good as new.

Notably, you should use a soft rag or a feather duster to clean the door frames. For the top part of the door frames cleaning should be done using a rag but not a feather rag so as not to spread dust to the rest of the house.

If your barn door has a glass insert, add some sparkle to the glass by cleaning it both on the inside and outside using an all-purpose cleaner or glass cleaner.  You can use caulk or wood filer for any cracks in the wooden barn door.

 Cleaning the hardware of your barn doors enhances their aesthetic appeal in addition to ensuring that the door is functioning right. Most barn doors look elegant due to quality design. Keep them looking this elegant by taking good care of them.