Enjoy a Custom Designed Rug with Carpet Tiles


Many people enjoy hard floors, since they are easy to clean. They are great for people with allergies, as they enable you to keep dust swept up daily. There are times, however, when you may want a rug or carpeted area for the family room or bedroom. Carpet tiles are a new trending item that allows you to have carpet only in specific areas.

Around Furniture

Carpet is hard to keep clean, especially when furniture sits on top of large portions of it. You may not move your couch every time you vacuum, for example. Carpet tiles can be put down around your furniture. The carpeted area is only placed where you need it, not under all your items. You can easily vacuum every tile that you place down. Check out experienced carpet tiles suppliers in Leeds to find out more about your options.

Keep It Clean

Carpet tiles form a space that can be vacuumed like any other rug. They are easier to clean, however, when accidents happen. You can spot clean small spills with the tile in place or remove it for a more thorough cleaning. This is much easier than having to remove an entire rug for cleaning. Simply take the carpet tile to the sink, clean it, and let it air dry. If there is a permanent stain, you can simply replace that one tile. The benefits of carpet tiles can be summarised as follows:

  • You can clean only the tile that got dirty
  • It is easy to replace a ruined tile
  • You save time and money on rug cleaning

Carpet tiles are a great asset for homes with kids and pets. You may be hesitant to put down a rug due to the constant mess created by your family. Carpet tiles take this stress away, so you can enjoy a soft area in your home.