Five Things about Bathroom Plumbing That Very Few People Know


As a responsible home owner it is your duty to stay up to date on issues facing your home. While there are a number of things that could pose significant problems in your home, the one most terrifying area for many homeowners is the bathroom.

How is it possible that bathroom plumbing could instill so much terror?

Can you imagine your bathroom plumbing going awry (if this hasn’t happened already)? Essentially, this means you’re going to be potentially dealing with damage from flooding and overflows, clogs in your drains, back-ups and perhaps not-so-pleasant waste issues from your toilet.

An experienced plumber point pleasant or new construction analysts will tell you that a bathroom problem is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. The situation is made even worse by the fact that there is very little information known about bathroom plumbing, and generally many people don’t concern themselves with knowing their home’s general plumbing system.

So how do you have an upper hand when it comes to your bathroom plumbing?

Be careful with the water pressure in your home – one part of caring for your pipes and fixtures, as you will be advised by your plumber Sea Girt is that you shouldn’t push them past their limit. It’s recommended that your water pressure should be between 25-75 PSI and you should be cautious of anything above 80! Every element of the plumbing in your hoe will be put under too much pressure if the PSI threshold passes 80.

Your Toilet is not a dumping site – Every plumber Point Pleasant agrees that there are only two things that should be going into your toilet; your waste and toilet tissue. If you form a habit of dumping any other thing in your toilet, you risk a major clog, and in an extreme case a backup.

Avoid Chemicals – Your plumbing system is sensitive to chemical interactions. That being said, you should avoid chemical clog treatments and cleaners that contain PVC, porcelain and other harsh chemicals. These have a potential of exuberating the problem.

Ventilation, ventilation! – To ensure that the drains to your bathtub and sink give their best performance, it’s important to vent them well. Ventilation will keep you from experiencing major issues such as horrible sewage smells, which can pose as a risk to you and your loved ones. In addition to this, a vented bathtub and sink will be a good selling point for your home in case you want to sell it in the future.

Befriend a hair guard – a hair guard is a simple product that works just as its name suggests, prevent hair from clogging your drains. While it will usually have an unsightly look due to the nature of its work, it’s important that you make a habit of cleaning it on a regular basis.

In Summery

Bathroom plumbing is not as complicated as many people imagine and there is really no need to be terrified of it if you’re a new homeowner. Nonetheless, you don’t have to know everything as long as you have the number of a trusted plumber Sea Grit on your phonebook.