How To Choose The Right Shower?


It could be that you want a shower head and rail that is an elegant product. It could also be that you want the newest shower enclosure that comes with the latest and best technology. No matter what style of product you want you would always have many options available to you. Your bathroom fitter or plumber can also help you a lot in this regard. They can help you with areas like the plumbing system you have right now as well as the installation of these products.

What can your plumber do for you?

Your plumber would provide you with suggestions regarding the water pressure that you have right now.

They would also tell you the kind of effect that it would have on the options that you have in this context. Under normal circumstances, a shower head rail would need a water pressure of at least 0.1 bars. However, most manufacturers would tell you that anywhere between .5 and 5 bars in terms of water pressure. This would make sure that your shower heads can deliver the water the way that they are supposed to in the first place. When you are selecting fittings such as these you need to make sure that they can work with the maximum water pressure that you have at your home right now.

A choice between an adjustable rail system and a fixed head

A lot of people go for a shower head and rail because the shower head has a clean look, and this is something that they like a lot. The supply pipework normally stays hidden behind your shower. This hiding space is referred to as the wet wall. It is this arrangement that imparts the clean and modern look that people love these products for. However, there is a problem in this situation as well.

With a shower head rail, the head can only be set a fixed height. This means that it would not be the right height for all members of the household. This is where an adjustable rail can be so very beneficial. This is because it would let the head to be moved along the wall as you want. This way, everyone would get the shower head at the right height for herself or himself.

Adjustable dials

These days, a lot of shower heads come with adjustable dials that allow you to use various spray patterns as per your preference.

You can nowadays also add body jets to your shower head and rail. This creates an all-over experience that a lot of people like a lot. As a consumer today you have a lot of options.


You can also get period style shower heads these days. The good thing about these products is that they work with many non-thermostatic and thermostatic systems. A good option, in this case, is a conventional English shower rose. These have become highly popular these days. In fact, they are experiencing a renaissance these days, it may be said. You get a good shower and they are stylish in appearance.