How To Keep Pests Away From Your Garden


While having a garden can be the best thing for you and your home, it isn’t always full of blooms and harvest. One common problem most gardens have, and all gardeners hate, is a pest.

Pests are a burden to any gardener. While it mostly isn’t too much trouble, it can still bug even the most patient gardener and the most well-maintained garden. A pest infestation can mean bad news for your vegetables and your beautiful flowers.

So, if you want to learn how you can keep these irritating pests away, here are a few tips you should know. You can also visit for more information on gardening services.

  1. Skip The Chemical Pesticides

While you may think that pesticides are the quickest and ultimate solution to your pest problem, it can cause more harm than you think. These synthetic pesticides contain dangerous chemicals that are incredibly dangerous to you and your plants. Instead, opt for an organic alternative like horticultural oil and insecticidal soap. To be sure, go to an organic gardening store and ask for help personally.

  1. Encourage Good Insects

While pests are insects, they don’t have any other benefit than being food to the good insects. So before you get reliable gardening services Sydney from Amico to get rid of all the pests, consider encouraging the beneficial insects first.

Insects such as ladybugs, lacewings, parasitic wasps, and damsel bugs serve as a great pest control method by eating them or feeding them to their young. To do this, you will need to attract the good bugs by giving them a good supply of protein-rich pests to consume. You will also need a nectar source that is full of carbohydrates for the good insects to munch on. Consider researching the best floral architecture to attract the beneficial insects to your garden.

  1. Consider Your Plants

Before you blame the pests for everything, you first might want to consider if your plants are not the problem. Some plants are more prone to pests than others, and this can be the easiest solution for controlling a pest infestation. So, before you start preparing your vegetable garden, make sure that you are choosing a resistant variety of plant.

  1. Use Physical Barriers

Another method you can employ to keep the pests at bay is to use physical barriers between the plant and the insect. Consider covering your pest-susceptible plants with a floating row, which is a lightweight fabric that can rest on top of the plant directly or on top of wire hoops. This row cover can keep sneaky pests away from your plants. Make sure to pin the sides and remove the cover when your plants are about to flower so it can be accessible to pollinators.

  1. Keep Your Plants Healthy

If you put it in a human context, plants are more susceptible to pests when it is unhealthy and poorly maintained just like how people can easily get sick when our immune system is low. A lot of horticulturists say that this is the most effective method of keeping pests away from your plants. A healthy plant is naturally less attractive to pesky pests.

Final Word

While pests mean trouble for your plants, it still serves as food for all the other insects. Consider any of these options first before you keep them away permanently.