How to Make the Most Out of your Interior Space


Contemporary homes are smaller and more stylish compared to the sprawling homes of the past. Instead of being worried about smaller space, you have to know how to embrace them. Maximizing the space is easy if you follow these simple steps.

Avoid Mess or Clutter: The number one enemy of space design is mess or clutter. Having lots of small accessories or simply the clutter of everyday life on surfaces will visually hide the design of your home. You can consider putting hidden storage like the ottoman because it assists in getting rid of the clutter.

Open up your Space: Keep walkways and halls clear of furniture. Even large accessories, which visually block a room, can cause the space to lose focus and break up an otherwise elegant design theme.

Keep Furniture Simple: Once you use simple designed and elegant furnishing, the size of the furniture will not be an issue. A common mistake that people make when decorating their home is to use many small pieces of furniture instead of a few bigger ones.

Carefully Choose Colors: Using light colors will make your space appear bigger than it is. Choosing many colors with the same color family, making a monochromatic color palette, will go even further to make the illusion of more space. Coordinating wall color with the tone of the furnishing will also continue to make the illusion of more space.

Use Perfect Lighting: A well-lit room will make the illusion of more space. A contemporary light fixture like directional lighting and recessed lights like up lights and down lights can assist to get the attention to focal points in your home. Even the sunlight which comes in your windows will make your space vibrant and bright.

Integrate Reflective Surfaces: Installing a mirror in a small space helps in creating the illusion of a bigger area. Any surface that reflects light like decorative glass accents, glass table tops as well as metal surfaces, make the same effect, however in a more subtle manner.

Personalize the Space: Integrate elements of your personality, style, and life into your home interior. Not just will you and your loved ones feel at home, but when your friends come over, they will notice these elements which remind them of you instead of the size of your space.

Where to Buy the Best Furniture?

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