How to Prepare for a Visit By the Chimney Sweep


There was a time when they sent young boys up the chimney to give it a good clean, and even today, in some parts of the UK, you only have to look at the many smoking chimneys on the horizon to know that chimney sweeping is alive and kicking. There’s not a lot that can beat a real fire in the living room, especially during those freezing winter nights, and if your chimney is ready to be cleaned, here are some preparation tips to make sure everything goes smoothly.

  • Remove Everything from the Mantle and Hearth – This is essential, as the sweep needs to have a clear area in which to work, and by removing all your ornaments, he can get straight to work when he arrives. Finding chimney sweeps in Orpington is not an issue, thanks to Google, and you can make an appointment that is convenient.
  • Remove Unburnt Fuel – Whether you burn coal or wood, make sure you have removed unburnt fuel completely, and given the fireplace a quick brush.
  • Cover your Furniture – Using old bedsheets or blankets, cover all soft furnishings, which will prevent soot contamination. You might want to move armchairs that are close to the fireplace, and place them at the rear of the room.
  • Remove Valuables from the Room – The chimney sweep would much prefer you put away anything of value, which prevents the possibility of a breakage.
  • Lay Newspapers from the Front Door to the Fireplace – This will allow the chimney sweep to enter without having to worry about your lovely carpet.

The very last thing to do is make a wish if you see the brush emerge from your chimney.