How to Properly Clean Your Toilet

Clean Your Toilet

It is important to keep your toilet clean at all times to prevent common and severe bacteria from putting your health at risk. Whether at home or in commercial properties, a clean toilet is a reflection of the discipline and hygiene that the people who use it daily possess. Frequent sanitation is a sign of good discipline at home. 

Failure to keep your toilet area clean can cause viruses like staph, MRSA and athletes’ feet. Bacteria and mould build-up may also occur and cause further issues such as allergies and breathing problems. Daily cleaning and sanitation in the toilet area also ensure that it remains to be a place of comfort for its daily users.

Here is a simple step-by-step guide on how to keep your toilet areas clean and free from bacteria and viruses at all times.

Prepare a set of cleaning tools exclusively for the toilet area.

To be able to keep your toilet clean at all times, having the right set of tools to do so is essential. These cleaning tools should be used exclusively in the bathroom area to prevent the potential spread of bacteria and viruses in your home. The basic cleaning materials you should have for your toilets include a pair of rubber gloves, scrubbing brush, sponges, disinfecting wipes and bleach for sanitation. 

Repair possible toilet blocks of clogs.

Before starting with the cleaning process, check for possible blocks and clogs in your toilet drain. Your regular cleaning would be useless unless you address blocked toilet Sydney properly. Have them fixed by a professional plumber before proceeding with cleaning your toilet. Failure to do so will only cause buildup in your toilet that may lead to mould and bacteria infestation.

Start with the exterior of your toilet.

Wear a set of gloves before proceeding with cleaning your toilet. Use a light chemical like bleach to begin cleaning the exterior of your toilet. The exterior area includes the foundation or the base of the toilet, the lid, the outdoor body, and the area surrounding the base. These areas are usually full or dirt especially in the hard to reach areas. Work your way from these areas up to the tank area of the toilet. Each part of the toilet should be soaped and scrubbed meticulously. 

The tank area.

The tank area, both interior and exterior requires regular cleaning too. Silt and other minerals can build up inside your water tanks. Regularly clean these areas to ensure that there is no mould buildup too. This is also the time to check if your water tank system is working properly. If not, replace the necessary fixtures or have it checked and fixed by a professional plumber.

The interior of the toilet bowl.

The interior area of the bowl is one of the toughest areas to clean. To do the job efficiently, add bleach or toilet cleaner to the surface and let it settle and dry for a few minutes. This will help in dealing with the tough spots in the interior side of the toilet that is known to be the area where most germs and bacteria are present. The toilet flush handle is considered to be as dirty as the interior of the toilet bowl. Scrub the interior of the toilet as thoroughly as possible to clean the area. For the toilet flush, it would be best to use disinfectant wipes to prevent damaging the material of the flush. Flush the toilet with clean water and rub it with a disinfectant for a thorough clean. Allow it to air dry. Wipe with a clean paper towel or sponge after allowing it to air dry to completely ensure that the surface is all dry.

For best results, clean your toilet at least twice a week and have it sanitized or disinfected at least once a week. This is enough to prevent your toilet and bathroom areas from being a host to bacteria and viruses in your home.