Kitchen Storage Rules


Where you store your kitchen equipment depends how often you use it. Frequently used kitchen items like desserts, or soup bowls belong to the ‘A’ areas of storage, where you can have access to them, without any unnecessary stress, and also where replacement after a wash can be done easily.

  • ‘A’ Stands for Everyday

A kitchen should have some certain best friends, such as tools, dishware, and equipment that are used every single day. The ‘A’ Kitchen items are things such as; glasses and plates, serving spoons and tableware, mugs and bowlers, cutting boards and kitchen knives, skillets and saucepans etc.

They deserved a place in the most important storage kitchen spot. ‘A’ kitchen storage areas are those areas that can easily be reached: lower drawer fronts and top drawers, cabinet shelves front areas and the kitchen counter. Arrange the items by finding those frequently used kitchen tools, in the most important kitchen storage areas. Simply choose those areas you easily have access to, and keep or store frequently used kitchen tools there.

  • ‘B’ Stands for Often

You definitely value your crockery slow cooker, but it is used maybe twice or once a week, automatically making it a member of the ‘B’ tools or components. That is, it is a kitchen tool that is often used but not on a daily basis. They include kitchen items like strainers, graters, mixing bowls and roasting pans. Place the ‘B’ items to the ‘B’ locations, such as; the back-side drawer areas, or in the cabinet lowest or highest shelves. To access the ‘B’ kitchen items, you will need to stoop a little bit, or tiptoe, all things being equal the storage is still reasonably accessible.

  • ‘C’ Stands for Seldom

The ‘C’ kitchen items are those seasonal items, arcane items, or gadgets use for a single purpose that earns room spaces for being used just once or twice within a year. These kinds of items include; small kitchen tools, which if allowed to increase in number can fill up the biggest kitchen, dangling cords and others. Give all items in the ‘C’ category good clutter scrutiny before giving them storage spaces in the kitchen. Such items include holiday dishware, seasonal cookie cutters, gadgets used for single purposes such as waffle iron or the canning jars, potato ricers, and oversized serving dishes. Nevertheless, there is nothing to be compared to having a great design for the kitchen to allow easy accessibility and convenience. Cuisines Rosemère renovation cuisine is a good hand at that.