Memory Foam Vs. Latex Foam: What’s The Difference


Memory foam and latex foams are two buzzwords when it comes to bed mattresses lately. Despite having been introduced decades ago, not many people know about the properties of these two types of mattresses.

How are memory foam mattresses different from latex foam mattresses? You will know the answer belowin this blog post.

Memory Foam Vs. Latex Foam

Memory foams are made of a synthetic (man-made) material. One of the most innovative is one that was They were first made by NASA for astroastronautsnomers. These foams offer optimum comfort by moulding to the shape of the person. This memory foam has become one of the most popular brands on the market known as Tempur-pedic.

The mattresses made of memory foams will hug the sleeper’s body offering maximum pain relief and comfort. Response times vary depending on the brand of the memory foam. But Tempur-pedics’s Mattresses in Las Vegas have recently won a JD Power Associates Award. These mattresses can support the spine and relieve all major pressure points..

Generally, polyurethane and some additional materials are used to create memory foams. However, keep in mind that not all polyurethane foams are actual memory foams. So, be careful!

Latex foams, on the other hand, are made of a natural latex material. Mattresses made of latex foam feel more solid as compared to memory foam mattresses. These foams have a somewhat rubbery characteristic. They do not give a floating sensation like memory foam mattresses do.

Which One Should You Buy: Memory Foam or Latex Foam Mattress?

Everyone has a different subjective preference for comfort. The choice of a mattress will depend on what feels right to you. Both memory and latex foam mattresses offer more comfort as compared to traditional a coil foam mattresses. You can enjoy a perfectly peaceful sleep at night with memory and latex foam mattresses.

Generally, most people prefer memory foam mattresses as it offers additional comfort. Memory foams feel softer during warmer temperature and firmer during winter. Using theThe foams reduces the need for cranking the thermostat up or down at night. This will result in reduced energy bills.

Memory foam also edges out latex foam mattresses in terms of providing pressure relief. This is because a memory foam mattress, unlike a latex foam mattress, can adjust to the shape (and even weight) of the individual. This makes memory foam mattresses the best solution for people who suffer from shoulder, neck, and back pain.


Latex and memory foam mattresses offer high comfort and pain relief. We all have different comfort needs. So, it’s best that you try the mattress at a local mattress store before making a commitment.

Knowing about the difference between memory foam and latex foam mattresses will help you make the right decision. It will ensure that you feel no regret later for not purchasing the ideal one.