So What Are The Most Common New Build Faults?


As each job is rushed and hurried by the builder, certain key things are overlooked. The plastering and paintwork can often be rushed and appear shoddy. When walls are painted the correct amount of coats must be applied and the brushes need to be clean and new before the application takes place.

In a new build home, the painters are often hurried along and the work can appear tardy at times. The same snags affect the quality of the plastering work. Plastering is an art in building and if the work has been completed by an experienced plasterer or one who has simply had a bad day then the finished work will show unprofessionalism and snags.

A professional snagging survey carried out by teams from Home Snag can look for these snags and report them before the new owners take up residence. Other factors that are closely inspected are the radiators.

Radiators need to be tested for air pockets and thermal imaging of every unit has to take place. This allows the snagging team to be satisfied these radiators are going to be fit for purpose and energy efficient.

The quality of the soil is important too. A snagging team will inspect the soil quality and see what kind of earth is around the home and garden areas. The roof and guttering are checked using special cameras. These allow the snagging team to see as a bird would and whether the fitting of the gutter is of a suitable standard.

Other common new build faults include the garage and groundwork, loft, plumbing and electrics. The electrics are tested by electrical experts within the home snagging team. They will look for faults on the wiring and make sure all plug sockets are safe and in good working order.

A carbon monoxide test is another area where faults can occur. Carbon monoxide can be a killer and if the units in the new build are creating a problem, the new home owner needs to know about it. The snagging team will check thoroughly for carbon monoxide levels and ensure of safe levels.

The heating system is checked using a thermal camera. This system is vital in a new build home and the snagging team will be looking for anomalies diligently in this area.

The other common problem found in new build homes is the flooring, walls and ceiling. They need to be geometrically square and level.