Suggestions For Parents To Secure The Windows For Children


Having children at home means that they need more attention than anyone else as they are curious about everything and need to explore new items in order to learn something. Normally, they are also prone to accidents, injuries and fatalities as they are unable to anticipate the consequences of being involved in dangerous or harmful activities. One of the common cases reported is, children falling out from windows because there are no barriers or bars to keep them safe. Although screen windows are designed to resist insects from entering the room, they can’t keep infants or toddlers from falling out. So, how to prevent kids from such accidents? Total Home Windows and Doors have got some suggestions:

  • Avoid leaving the windowsRichmond Hill opened and make sure to childproof them
  • If the components are not childproofed, don’t open the bottom sections. Always use the top window for air circulation, light or anything
  • Don’t place such furniture near the windows that children can climb easily
  • Change position of all such items that can give access to windows or can be used to break the glass for forced entry. Keep the kid away from a fire escape or roof; near steps, stairs or elevator shafts or in halls that lack window guards.

The next consideration is to think of an appropriate way of childproofing. Well, to be precise, there is no single way to do so; instead, parents have variety of options to choose from:

  • Window guards: Referred to as grill-type protectors, they are intended to create a baby jail that keeps children from falling out. Window guards are designed to work with any size or type of the windows – be it sliders, casements, awnings or single and double hung windows. They fit as per window width with the help of a telescoping bar that is locked with hardware accordingly.
  • Window Stops: They are wedge-like nifty additions that allow windows to open up to a certain point. They are discreet but limit the window opening range.
  • Charley Bar: They are perfect for sliding windows as they work just like boom gates, meaning that parents can easily open sliding windows when they are in up position. However, when in the horizontal position, they close the components like a wedge.
  • Shard-Proof Window Films: They are transparent window films applied on the glass to keep shards from causing disturbance. They do not harden the glass or keep safe from break or cracking but, they are intended to hold the shards of broken pieces. Window films are bough as large sheets, thus allowing people to cut them as per the windowpanes.
  • Window Cord Retrofits: Having window treatments with cords is a silent threat for the home because they can strangle easily. People have to eliminate this problem by replacing these corded treatments with cordless coverings.


So, the easy way to ensure safety and security of children is to give them restricted access to opened windows. Windows and Doors company suggests to go for such components that have permanent locks so that parents can decide on when to lock or open the windows.