Summer is Coming: Wasps and Bees Are Out in Force!


If you are a UK homeowner, you will already be aware that May to September is stinging season, with wasps and bees looking to find new colonies, and your home might be on their list. Of all the pests that could invade your home, wasps and bees are the most dangerous, and they can be extremely aggressive if their nest is disturbed.  

Popular Hang Outs

Bees and wasps like to set up home in trees and under the eaves of the roof, or any quiet corner where they can breed in peace, and should you notice an unusually high number of these flying insects on your property, there are quality pest control services in Portsmouth who are trained to exterminate bees and wasps, and they can easily be found with an online search.  

Things Not to Do

If you discover a bees or wasps nest on your property, do NOT:

  • Poke or prod the nest
  • Throw anything at the nest
  • Try to set fire to the nest

You should not approach the nest, rather keep away, and after you call in your local pest control officer, make sure that your children and pets are safely indoors. These insects can feel vibration, and all it takes to set them into attack mode is a loud noise or a knock on the tree where they are nesting, and should they feel threatened, they will attack anything that moves!

Don’t take any chances with bees and wasps, rather call in the experts, who can rid them from your property safely.