Unique Home Décor Ideas


Top Unique Home Décor Hacks with Class

Amazingly, when discussing unique home décor ideas, people inadvertently think of furniture styles, expensive antiques and imported accessories which come with a high-end price tag. However, if the truth be known, it doesn’t take much really to set a unique style, mood or tone with a minimalist mindset as far as home décor is concerned.

Basically, what it will take is really not much as you explore the world of various colorings in paint,textiles which either add boldness or soothe one’s soul, various and exciting floor coverings and in short, anything that brings you a satisfaction obtainable only by being the prophet over your home life.

Clutter Is Out, Minimal Is The “In”

One thing you’ll have to do before applying any of our unique home décor ideas listed below is to declutter your home, sectional area or even a simple living or playroom area. Here are some interesting facts to know as you prepare for that first yard sale of yours.

– According to a recent US News and World Report, more than one year of an average American’s life is spent looking for lost items in a home.

– Home storage products and plastic containers are now a $4.36 billion industry.

– From 1994 to 2004, demand for storage, self-storage facilities has more than doubled; currently, there are 40,000 self-storage facilities in the United States.

– A recent article in Organized World, claims that average office workers spend one and a half hours a day looking for things.

– 80 percent of the Americans polled say they never use 80 percent of the things they now own, according one recent Home and Gardens survey.

– Typically, men look for clean socks, remote control devices, car keys and their driver’s license. For women, shoes, a child’s toy, wallets, lipstick, car keys and the remote control device.

– Americans wear just 20 percent of the cloths they own–80 percent of the time. Apple founder, Steve Jobs was known to wear the same clothes each day. He claimed it saved him time; of course, it was washed daily.

Now, that you’ve read a few curious statistics, let’s see how you can consider a complete makeover of your home with unique home décor ideas.

Home Décor Ideas For The Rooms In Your Home

Being that a bathroom is the most used room in a home, let’s begin with:

The Bathroom:

Decking out a small space such as a powder room or attic in one fabric will give it a more interesting look as well as give a refreshing look as opposed to any larger roomed areas.

Depending on the size of the bathroom, or powder room, a fresh coat of light colored paint, such as sky-blue or ivory, would make a bathroom look even bigger. By painting the door frames with a contrasting color, you’ll be adding some panache as well.

Likewise, keep décor accessories to a minimum as well with one or two items max that you salvaged from that yard sale you should have had earlier.

Other Room Ideas

A Sun-room or Front Porch:

Don’t disregard that backpatio sun-room or the front porch area either. They’ll both give you a much needed energy-saving area to escape to during the hot days of summer.

Just adding a Wicker or Rattan swing to your sunroom will add a touch of lazy, laid back casualness to your home–as well as give it a more pleasant expansion.

A Game Room or Living Room Area:

If you’re tired of those huge entertainment pieces of furniture that take up so much room pushed up against a wall, then try hanging your TV and other entertainment equipment from the ceiling. Giving the room additional space, you’ll appreciate its functionality when having to sweep the room clean.

One innovative design expert decided she needed more space in her tiny studio for a bulletin board. Her solution was ingenious really: hang the pieces of memo notes from her living room ceiling chandelier or a ceiling fan.

Floor Covering Ideas:

You can add a stunning visual effect to any torn and tattered hardwood floor by simply applying a pattern of large yet narrow stripes to your floor.

Staining a worn hardwood floor in a playroom with a darker color instantly changes the ambiance of the room area if you add light-colored cabinets or bookcases to the room. It’ll also make the area come alive and more fun to be in.

Home Paint Décor Ideas:

Never overlook the idea of having a high-gloss contrasting paint used on those door frames or baseboards. Easily done, it can add a touch of elegance to any room really.

While not totally new avantgarde in concept, a contrasting colored bathroom ceiling will do wonders for blasé bathroom walls.

Going “Energy-Efficient” In Home Decorating Ideas

Without a doubt, today’s going tend has gone “green.” How to maximize your home to the needs of the planet, without sacrificing too much of your comfort level is where it’s at today.

One old, yet revitalized concept is through the use of the spiritually invigorating skylight. Not only will it help reduce your cooling bill during the summer, but it will also improve your heating during the winter, provide more vision-healthy lighting and enhance a sense of Heavenly class as well.

Replacing your defective bathroom and kitchen fixtures are often overlooked, yet they account for much lost energy in a home. Check out those leaking faucets and pipes as well, and you’ll soon see your energy bills reduced. Other alternatives, if they can be done, are replacing your old major kitchen appliances with Energy Star® appliances.

Not only do ceiling fans save up to 40 percent of your summer cooling bill, and 10 percent of your heating bill during the winter, they’ll add that defining tone to whatever room you wish to use them in.

Home decorating ideas abound just as your own ideas modified to your needs are limitless. A pleasant and many times relaxing project to engage in, when it comes to unique home decorating, really, it’s all in the details that you add–or take away.