Warisan : a manufacturer of fine furniture


When people walk into a fine hotel, the first thing that catches their eye is the beautiful hospitality furniture in the lobby. Not only is it beautiful, it looks inviting. Hotel furniture is always designed to depict the atmosphere of the hotel. The colors in the furniture always correlate with the rest of the decor. This is due in part to the renowned manufacturer of hospitality furniture worldwide, Warisan Manufacturer. This furniture manufacturer has built fine furniture for hotels, restaurants, and residences for nearly thirty years. The company was established in 1989 in Bali, Indonesia. It considers itself a small company with around four hundred employees, but they can handle very large orders, as well as small ones.

When Warisan was first established, it made mostly antique furniture before it moved into making hotel furniture, and restaurant furniture. They have the finest craftsmen, and designers who produce furniture according to the specifications of the customer. Their furniture building teams are experienced, and qualified to produce the highest quality furniture that will meet any competitive prices. All of the natural resources that they use for their furniture are within close proximity of the manufacturing facility. This allows endless possibilities to their creativity. See their amazing furniture gallery, and worldwide showrooms by visiting their website. Discover Warisan.

The luxury of five star hotel and restaurant furniture

Furniture that hotels and restaurants use are not just for looking at, they can be some of the most comfortable furniture that you will ever sit or lie on. Being a part of the hospitality industry, their furniture has to be very high quality to impress, and pass being critiqued by nearly every customer. The same is true for exquisite restaurant furnishings that are found in the most elegant eateries. To walk in and see the vision that fine furniture offers is very enhancing to the appetite. The furniture suppliers provide furnishings for major five star hotels, and restaurants. People are made to feel extra special when they feel like they are living, or visiting in luxury.

Hotels now offer bedding, and chairs that will accommodate people with disabilities, or medical issues, like sleep apnea. They have beds that will recline forward so that the head will be raised for a more comfortable sleep. Some hotels are even furnished with the all time favorite recliner. There are many different variations of room decor offered by hotels. In restaurants, the furniture in the lobbies are designed to make the wait period, in cases of crowded restaurants, an enjoyable situation. They are inductive to socialization, or determining what the dinner selection will be.

Warisan hospitality furniture

From fabulously designed tables for large numbers of people, to tables for small intimate parties of two, the careful attention to design, and detail, is the same.

Hotels, and restaurants, are normal venues for conferences, banquets, and meetings. People want to plan events where they know that the furnishings will compliment their planned decor. The furniture in hotels and restaurants will make a positive statement about selection, and add quality to the event host’s choice of venue. Because the furniture is so unique, it gives a person the feel of being the most important individual in the hotel or restaurant. The decor of restaurants and hotels is to provide a serene atmosphere that is more than just the ordinary, one that is not experienced every day.