What Can Go Wrong With Replacement Windows & Doors?


If you believe the double glazing salesman, you will have doors and windows that last a lifetime, yet sadly, like anything else, things can and do go wrong. Time takes its toll on everything, including UPVC window and doors, and with affordable UPVC door repairs in Ayrshire, locks and seals can easily be replaced or repaired, whichever is necessary.

Common Issues

Replacement double glazed windows and doors often require:

  • Locks replaced or repaired
  • Sealed units replaced – Broken or cracked glass
  • Neoprene rubber seal replacement
  • Door hinge replacement

Once the ten year warranty is over, you can expect to experience minor issues like those mentioned above, and with a local company that specialises in the repair of UPVC windows and doors, repairs are only a phone call away.


The double glazed units incorporate a hermetic seal, and once this is compromised, condensation is likely to occur. The broken seal means that a single pane of glass is hot on one side and cold on the other, and this is what causes the condensation. The solution is to have the sealed unit replaced, which should last you another ten years.

Locking Issues

UPVC doors use a triple locking system that sends a series of bolts into groves located on the door jamb, and these can easily fail, rendering the locking system unusable, and rather than replacing the entire locking system, the failed component can be replaced. If you have any issues with your double glazing, an online search will put you in touch with a local repair company who can cary out prompt repairs.