Why Are Roof Inspections So Important?


The roof is the most important component on every building, as it protects the structure against the harsh elements, and the only way to ensure the roof is always in good order is to carry out regular inspections. A roof inspection is a little more than a quick visual check from the ground level, as this would not reveal minor issues, and with most of the roof concealed, you really need to inspect the roof from an elevated view.

Professional Roof Inspection

Fortunately, there are trusted roofers in Dundee who would be happy to carry out a roof inspection, and with their expertise, a full and detailed report would be issued on the status of your roof. This is called preventative maintenance and is much preferred to simply waiting for something to go wrong, which could result in a very costly repair.

Prompt Repairs

The secret to minimising roofing repairs is to fix the problem as soon as it happens, and this requires regular roofing inspections. Things to check include the following:

  • Check for missing or broken roof tiles.
  • Inspect for chimney damage.
  • Clean out the guttering and check condition.
  • Inspect fascia and soffit boards.

Storm Damage

There is always a risk of damage due to a storm, and gale force winds can lift roof tiles, and let’s not forget flying debris, which can cause serious damage. The best solution is to inspect the roof after a bout of heavy weather, which would reveal any issues and allow for a quick repair.