2 Things That Can Go Wrong Up There On Your Roof, After A storm In The UK.


Every year in the United Kingdom, the weather seems to be getting more extreme. We are experiencing more storms than we did in the past and the intensity of the storms has been increasing. We even get mini tornados here now and that is a scary thought. The stronger storms that we experience here can do a lot of harm and especially with regards to the roof on your home or business.

Your roof does its best, but with the wind, rain and debris striking it on a regular basis, it is going to take its toll. Tiles or slates will come loose, the felt will tear and before you know it, the rain is coming into your roof space and leaking down your walls. This is something that needs immediate attention and you definitely need some emergency roofing in Wrexham. They can assist with many things.

  1. Your roof is probably having issues with rain coming in because the guttering is not doing its job properly. Over the course of the year, leaves and other debris have been lodged in your guttering and the rain water is unable to drain from the roof. Your roofer can clean out all this stuff and get your guttering operational again.
  2. Frequently, tiles and slates come loose on your roof, through nails losing their strength with regards to fixing the slates securely, or the tiles coming loose because of strong gusts of wind. These issues need to be addressed quickly and everything put back in place.

If you have any emergency roofing needs or you just need regular work done, give your local roofing contractor a call today.