3 Reasons Double Glazing is Value for Money


If you have yet to replace your old softwood windows with double glazing, you are most certainly in the minority, and the many benefits that double glazing brings are what attract UK homeowners to make the investment for replacement windows and doors. Here are just a few benefits you can expect to enjoy when you replace your windows with double glazed units.

  1. Tremendous Energy Savings – We all dread that winter fuel bill dropping through the letterbox, yet double glazing helps reduce the amount of heat loss that used to escape through the single pane of glass. If you visit a few of the double glazing companies in Retford, they can furnish you with the technical data on heat loss.
  2. Transform the Look of your Home – Changing your windows and doors offers the opportunity to really change the look of your property, and with designs such as leaded light and white Georgian inserts, you can change the character of your home overnight. UPVC is very popular as it is maintenance free, and they have a faux timber grain finish for that rustic look.
  3. A long Term Investment – UPVC windows and doors are designed to last for many years, and the finish is guaranteed not to fade, crack or discolour, and it is usual practice to receive at least a 10-year warranty, if not longer. If, for example, you decided to sell up and move on 5 years from now, you would be able to add the total cost of the replacement windows and doors to your asking price.

There are many double glazing companies, all professing to have the very best quality units, so choose carefully and look for a stable company with many positive testimonials.