Is it Difficult to Become a Tree Surgeon?

Tree Surgeon

If you have watched a tree surgeon at work, perched precariously in a tree, and fancied yourself in such a profession, you will need a good head for heights. Today’s arborist would have spent at least 5 years as someone’s understudy, working with a skilled tree surgeon, while learning the trade at the same time. The best tree surgery in Farnborough would employ 2 or maybe 3 young people who are aspiring to becoming qualified arborists, and the tasks they would be given would include the following:

  • Clearing Brushwood
  • Cutting trunk sections with a chainsaw
  • Sharpening Chainsaws
  • Keeping the fire going

The apprentice tree surgeon would be the right hand man for the expert, making sure he has all his equipment, and another big part of the job is to keep the area under the tree clear of people. Tree surgeon also use draw knife for wood sculpting

Learning about Species

There is some theoretical learning involved, which would educate the apprentice regarding the various species of trees, and, of course, safety plays an important role. There are many diseases that UK trees are susceptible to, and the arborist would need to know all of these, including the symptoms and treatment.

How to Use Ropes

Ropes are critical for the tree surgeon, and in the first year, the student would learn how to use the rope as a safety net, and with a lot of practice, the young apprentice would soon become proficient when working at height.

There’s a lot of safety equipment, and every member of the team would have their own set of ear defenders, harnesses, ropes and pulleys, ensuring safety when working.