Top 9 things to consider when moving your house long distance


In recent survey it was found that Packers and movers services in Chennai and other metro cities aregaining a lot of importance. And many logistics companies are emerging here with new technology and fresh ideas that claim to delivery international high quality services at doorstep of their clients. Moving to place is excitingbut many time there is so much of stress involved as you want to move your belongings safely. This stress full job can be made easy when your hire any professional packers and movers in city like Chennai and other capital cities.But following some pro tips when your planning to move will make your relocation easy, safe and saves a lot of time.

When you start to pack your items its possible that we over think and are confused many a times from where exactly to start. Some time if we are smart enough or you’ve moved your house frequently you would definitely have some planning. If not it’s a mess so its important to think like a movers company or hire any qualified packers and movers who can get your relocation job done. IF your planning to and want the move to be a smooth one you should identify few tip and ticks that will make your moving efficient. Lets check them out now.

Unused items

First point to start with when you’re planning to relocate long distance isto identify the items that you don’t frequently use. Lets pick up bedroom first here you will have bed sheets, curtains, some special clothing for festive occasion, party ware items that you wouldn’t need before moving. In your Kitchen identify fragile items and old kitchenware that you use on rare occasion. By sorting them out first and by doing this simple thing you will give a good start to your moving.


As we have identified unused cloths now its time to pack them efficiently. To start packing you need to pick us some good cardboard boxes that can secure your cloths. Cardboard boxes are very good when it comes to cloth packing as they are lightweight and can be tapped easily. Try to use good (thick) quality boxes for your expensive clothing so that they are not stained or torn when you unpack them later. Its suggested to use big boxes when your packing dress, curtains so that you can have all of them at one place when arranging.

If you’repacking any electronic equipment’s computers, printers, scanners it good to detach the cables, cords, wires label them and keep in a bag that can secure them.

Labeling the boxes

Labeling is very important task when your relocation on own or with help of any packers and movers company. By naming your boxes your making your work less complicated when it turn helps others who are moving to understand how to handle the boxes during moving and transportation.

If you have packed any of your glassware items or fragile items it important to mention as “Fragile-This End Up” to avoid damage and should be placed carefully while moving.Also its good to use padding or extra cushion when packing fragile items or you can ask you packers and movers company to do the packing for you who are experts. If your hiring any packers and movers in Chennai its good to speak to staff about the fragile and other packing you’ve done in advance. So that they will understands what is in the boxes and will move them with care.

Give Away

If you want to give way or sell any of your used items to other its good to keep them separate before. It’s advised to plan giving them away at least a week before moving. Doing so you will not have to worry about them and you will have plenty of space if your giving ways any of your bulky items

Empty food items/ No shopping

Don’t buy too much of grocery when your moving long distance as it will be added luggage when moving. If you need any kind of grocery to buy then buy in minimum quantity and finish then before moving. Also plan to use the all items in your fridge or dispose them of if you don’t need any .You can buy fresh grocery from new home that is advisable.

Once you start packing avoid shopping and buy new items as it adds up unnecessary luggage while moving.

Disconnect services

As your moving to new place you should disconnect your local services like

  • News paper
  • Internet service
  • Tv cable
  • Land line services
  • Home security
  • Gas services and more.

It good to talk to staff of these company and inform a month or at least 15 days in advances about discontinuing their services.

Disassembling furniture of bulky items

Moving furniture and large items in one piece is a tough job.Its necessary to disassemble them in to few parts to avoid any kind of damage. First the item should be checked if it has any screw point so that it could be disassembled. If not you shout seek the advice of any carpenter or packers and movers company who are trained to move bulky items carefully during relocation.


Remember all valuables should stay with you while moving to long distances. If they are any bulky items its good to get them insurance. If not take suggestions for packers and movers Chennai so exactly to move the items safely to longer distances. Follow their instructions if you think its worth.


This is the most important part of relocation is moving and for log distance shifting it’s always best to hire professionals. Professional moving companies have trained staff who know moving situation in and out and can make house relocation a happy job. Some time these companies may charge you extra but you can check with multiple companies and get a best price quote for your relocation services. Nothing cost more than your valuable and your belonging which shifting your house long distance.

Use the above tips when your moving across different state or city and you can few points more to them according to your shifting requirements. Never compromise about the quality when long distance because quality packing and experienced packers will always aim to provide zero damage moving to their customers.