What is Reroofing and is it a Good Idea?


The two main terms in roofing are, roof restoration and reroofing, both of which offer a cost-effective repair, yet they are very different. A roof restoration, as the name implies, is to restore a roof to its original condition, which might include replacing some of the timber batons that hold the tiles. If a small area of a roof was damaged by tree branches, for example, the broken tiles would be replaced, along with any timbers that were damaged, restoring the roof to its previous condition.


In the event the internal framework is sound, yet the roof tiles have seen better days, reliable roofing services in Chester would likely recommend reroofing. This means adding a new layer of tiles on top of the existing set, which, in many respects, is like a new roof, yet the roof framework remains in place. There are other factors to consider, such as the extra weight (which might be considerable with a large roof) and providing the structure is strong enough, another layer of batons would be fixed, which would support the new tiles.

The Benefits

Reroofing offers the following benefits:

  • No need for new rafters or joists.
  • Cheaper than roof restoration.
  • Permanent Solution.

Adding a new layer of roof tiles also improves thermal insulation, which is great in the winter, and by adding special insulation, that can be increased.

If your roof is in need of repair, call in your local roofing contractor, and if he mentions reroofing, you will know exactly what that entails.