What to Do if you Discover a Wasp Nest on your Property


Wasps are most definitely out and about in the UK summer, and should they decide to set up home in your loft or the eaves of the roof, it is not something you can forget about, as the nest will grow in size, thus with more wasps. Like bees and hornets, wasps will defend their home aggressively, should it be threatened, and if the nest is disturbed at all, this could trigger an all-out attack.

Call in a Professional Pest Removal Company

With affordable wasp nest removal in Newton Abbot, you should resist the temptation to deal with it yourself. Common locations for wasp nests include the following:

  • In the attic – Usually in a corner, and for a long time, you might not be aware it is even there.
  • In a tree – Another common location, when wasps build a nest in a tree, it is usually at least 3 meters off the ground.
  • The roof – Against the eaves or behind the fascia and soffit boards are also common locations for a wasp nest.

Obvious Danger

If you have children and/or pets, the risk of an attack is substantial, and should a child ram his bike into the tree that contains a wasp nest, the vibration would likely be enough to set the wasps off, and they will attack anything and anyone they see. The longer the nest is there, the more insects it will contain, and while wasps will, for no apparent reason, leave a nest and move on, it isn’t likely.

Don’t take any chances with your family’s safety, and by calling in a professional pest remover, you can say goodbye to the wasps for at least one year.