How to Prepare your Home for a Sale Listing


If the time has come for you to sell up and move on, it is essential to make some preparations and renovations to make the property look more attractive, yet you don’t want to spend a fortune on a property that you are leaving. Here are a few cost-effective ways you can make the front of your home look more appealing to a would-be buyer.

  • Power Wash the Roof – Rent a high-pressure water cleaner from your local plant hire company and clean the entire roof, which will really make a difference. The power wash will restore the roof tiles to their original condition, and if you have a stone of brick house, you can do the whole house in a single weekend. The power wash can also bring up the driveway looking like new, so make the most out of the hire period, with pathways and patio too.
  • Gating & Fencing – If your fencing is in good condition, a coat of paint is all it takes, however, if the fencing has seen better days, there is affordable fencing in Hailsham from an established local company and they can work to your budget.
  • Trim the Hedges – Tidy the front garden and trim the hedges, which will complete the look, and if the garage door needs a coat of paint, this would also be worth doing.

Once the front elevation looks good, you can call in the professional photographer and upload the shots onto a local property listing website, which should see some interest.