Painting Recommendations For New Home Owners


Buying a new home is the best way to settle down, marking a significant achievement of life. But people often confuse between a house and a home. A home is not a lively place unless the elements of beauty and emotions are added to it. Without them, it is an insipid house, only suitable for housing occasional guests. The methods employed to turn a house into a home are varied and not all of them bring good results. Knowing what people like, knowing what they love and knowing what they get emotionally attached to is the trick here. Hence, we made paintings as a worthy choice of recommendation for decorating homes.

The reason for suggestion of paintings is the convenience. It is a colourful frenzy on a white sheet of paper or a canvas. The paper as well as the canvas can be easily hung around in most of the places around the house. Based on the size of the painting, one can select a suitable place. As an example, for large sized canvas paintings, one can select the silhouettes and the bedsheets. It is actually a delight to see the bed, the cloth overhanging in our windows infused with art. For smaller sized paintings, there are other options as well, all of which are provided as options in custom painting portals like Medium sized paintings can be put in drawing rooms, living rooms and even study rooms. Cramming up loads of books on the night before the exam certainly calls for a little sightseeing of art, isn’t it?! Living rooms are often ushered with visitors all the time around the clock. Art is the element of rescue, and seldom have we seen drawing rooms with blank and empty walls.

The options are not there only for huge paintings. Miniaturized paintings also score great points as elements of appreciation. They are often laminated and kept at dining tables, kitchen tables, tabletops of fridges and cabinets. Lamination of paintings does not cost a fortune and one can easily have any small sized picture laminated. The process involves the addition of a hard frame and embedding the picture within it and to the back of the frame a small stand is fitted to keep it erect and aligned.

In the modern trend followed these days, paintings are not even performed on canvas or sheets of paper. The old ideas of “Frescoes”, freestyle paintings and “Graffitis” have been acknowledged as a nice way of beautifying homes. These variations of art involve the use of walls and ceilings, or any suitable object as a paper for painting. Walls adorned with drawings are a common sight in streets and nobody can disagree with the fact that they add extra to the ordinary brick walls. Similar to street art, the concept of graffiti and frescoes are also provided as options in home decoration. Using walls for making art automatically discards the need of a canvas or an extra article. The wall is the painting; the painting is the wall itself.

As a person who is the new owner of a house, the choices of using art as a decoration are innumerable as confusion may arise on the selecting the best way to make the decorations, without putting much stress on the wallet. This is where the idea of custom paintings has been introduced. Custom paintings are customization to the already old idea of painting something and expecting people to purchase readymade pieces of art. With increased demand, art can be made based on customer choices and paintings are no different. The idea of custom paintings is that a photo taken on any device like a mobile, camera or something similar can be converted into a painting of any style, provided the contrast and the background are idea and do not pose hindrances in the work of the artist. Styles of painting are available in a lot of forms: oil painting, charcoal, sketches, water colour and more. The style varies with the material used for making art. Different materials have different drying times and pose different difficulties while taken down on a canvas or a wall. But with experienced artists, these troubles do not even pose any serious problem.

A collection of such artists leads to the foundation of what we commonly call as a custom painting service. These services are dedicated to converting photos into paintings and delivering them at the doorstep. Like the custom painting thing, styles can be selected as well as the frame size based on an interactive session with the artist. Out of the most trending services worldwide, a leading custom painting service is PortraitFlip pride upon themselves in the custom painting services sector. A wide range of styles which includes oil, charcoal, pencil sketches and water colour are available. Frame sizes are also an element of flexibility; and a customer can choose an apt size based on the situation. The charges incurred are minimal, and a detail is provided on where and how the charges have been allocated. This provides an upper hand to the customers on whether they want to avail certain features or not.

Custom painting services is not the only forte; portrait flip is also renowned for their exquisite collection paintings based on customer requests worldwide. These galleries are a delight to the eye and open to all for view. When one is bored with the monotony of life and lacks something worth appreciation, these galleries are a must. It helps in warding off the monotony and allows people to understand and love art. Do visit these galleries once in a while!