Picking Up The Right Window Shutter


Windows shutters serve several purposes, which include security, privacy, and adding elegance to the home. They are available in different sizes, colors, materials, and designs. Consequently, it is normal to feel overwhelmed by all the available options. Below are four tips on how to pick the right shutter for your home

Consider your home’s architectural style

Shutters are to preserve and blend with the style of your home. They should not stand out awkwardly from the walls. The best way to figure this out is to follow your guts. If you cannot trust your taste and preference, then check around to see what others are using and again, decide on what can work best for your house.

Use specific room requirement

The method may take some time, but it provides the best results. It is absurd to have the same shutter for the living room, dining room, bathroom, and bedroom. The living room,for example, should have shutters that can be folded easily to allow light in and still offer adequate privacy.The material can also differ from one room to the other especially the bathroom and the kitchen.

The material

Different rooms require shutter with materials that can withstand the elements specific to that room. Polyvinyl shutters, for example, are the best option for bathrooms because they are waterproof. Wooden shutters are great in any other part of the house. However, they do not provide as much freedom in terms of painting and maintenance as the other shutters made from composite materials.

Satisfy your lifestyle

Shutters come in different forms, designs, and materials. While they should match the style of the house, they should most importantly, reflect your lifestyle and personality. If you find the wooden shutters too old school and conservative, do not use them. Avoid them even if e everyone is saying they would look nice with your house. In the end, you will be one living in that house.

Color is important

You do not want to have your windows having odd colors that will be hard to get when you want to repaint it.Choose the classic black or white colors for a home with the traditional flair and styling. Modern houses will do well with vibrant tones of bolder hues such as blue and red.

How do you want to open the shutters?

Shutters come with different ways of opening. The most common are the folding back shutters found in most living room windows.They can be folded back to soak the room in daylight. Some shutters come with tilting slats. As a result, you can keep the pales closed but still tilt the slats for some sunlight. They are fit for the bedroom or places where privacy is critical.


Window shutters contribute a great deal to the privacy and overall appearance of your house. You can buy quality window shutters fromPeach Building Products Doors & Windows. They will help you select a shutter that is best for your windows. Even more, they provide free installation services.